ANTM Cycle 13, Epi. 10 & 11

Hey .. Hey .. it's been a while since i post the last elimination of ANTM cycle 13... there's hv been surprises in the episode 11, that's 2 girls hv been eliminated.. *whuuutttt??!!*

Episode 10, Dive Deeper

The girls are taught about swimsuit shoots by Marisa Miller. They are then taken to a cliff for their challenge - to jump off and look graceful on film with only one shot. Most of the girls perform well and Nicole gets rewarded with $6,500 worth of jewelry. She also gets to pick which girls would get extra frames, and Erin is left out.

At the photo shoot, the girls pose underwater and all but Erin get a second round after being critiqued by Jay. At panel, Nicole and Jennifer are praised, despite the former's lack of "Barbie toes" and the latter's lack of angles while Erin makes Top Model history by surviving three consecutive bottom two appearances, as Sundai is eliminated but comforted by Tyra who calls her a role model.

[ it doesn't look graceful ... ]

Episode 11, Hawaiian HipHop

The girls are taken to a teach about Hawaiian hula and how it can be integrated with hip-hop. The girls learn several moves and are assigned to use them to tell a story.

At the photo shoot, the girls are told that two of them will be eliminated at the next panel, shocking them *me too*. While Erin and Nicole perform rather well, Laura and Jennifer stumble. At panel, Laura and Nicole are praised for their pictures but Erin and Jennifer are castigated for their poor film. In the end, Laura, Jennifer and Erin land in the bottom three, Laura for not looking like a model in person and the other two for their dwindling performances.

Ultimately, an overjoyed Laura joins Nicole as a finalist, while Jennifer and Erin are sent home, both of them being upset to have come so close to the win, yet so far.

[ I Hate Them!! They're such a B*tch !! ]

Uh-HUH ... Laura & Nicole ~~ Yeay!!!! Who will be America's Next Top 'PETITE' Model

[ NICOLE or LAURA ?? ]

This THURSDAY~~ i'm rooting for NICOLE!!!

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