My Not-So-Perfect Life @ High-School ...

If you enjoyed your high school years, you'll do it.
If you have nothing else to do, you'll do it.
If you're here to read the questions/answers and pretend to hate to do it, deep down you'll still do it.

This tag is so fun because the answers can go on and on.
Read if you miss your high school years.
If i tagged you, i wanna hear ur memories =)

Bio Data

1) Which school did you go to?
- S.R.K ST PATRICK TAWAU then S.M.K KUHARA TAWAU then UMS .. next will be??

2) What classes were you in?
- Form 1-3 B,Form 4-5 st5,Form lower6-upper6 PP

3) What was/were your favourite lesson(s)?
- until now and then still math..

4) If you could remember, what time was your recess?
- 9:35am

5) List down your favourite food/snacks.
- ermm .. byk owh.. tp most-fav burger maybe..


1) Did you have a nickname way back in high school?
- until nowpeople usually call me "wiwin"

2) How did you wear your socks?
- duh..

3) Have you been suspended due to the way you put on your uniform?
- nope .. i'm pretty-good-boy at that moment.. hehehehe..

4) Were you given plenty of reminders about your appearance?
- nope

5) Who did you look up to when you were in high school?
- my friends


1) Name one memorable scene where you were punished in front of the whole class.
- uish.. ni pernah sbb x kasi siap kerja skolah.. ala normal things la tu kan..

2) How many times did you skip class? What were you doing?
- x terkira la ... hahaha.. canteen was my spot..

3) Give one scene where you escaped from being caught/punished.
- erk.. escaped from xtra classes and te punisment was picking up gatbage for the whole skool..

4) Did you vandalize any school property?
- meja la slalu tulis pakai liquid-paper ...

5) Did you ever make any teacher cry?
- ada .. cikgu BM form 5.. ntah napa?

1) Who were your favourite teachers?
- Cikgu Junainah - History,Cikgu Wahiba - Economics

2) Describe your DM.
- apa ka ini

3) Who was the funniest/weirdest/loudest teacher?
- Funniest - Wahiba
- Weirdest - Hasan
- Loudest - CNP / Wilson

Social Circle

1) Were you popular back then?
- pretty-much..hahaha...

2) Were you in a big group of boys/girls or small ones?
- bunch of girls..

3) Who were your best friends?
- said,ema,dumak,oyen

4) Did you and your friends have nicknames?
- nope..

5) What were you favourite memories of you and your friends?
- lepak gila2 di kantin

Co-curricular Activities

1) What type of CCA were you in?
- Pengakap Laut ..

2) What did you have to bring to your CCA?
- Note

3) What did your CCA required you to do?
- kawad kaki..

4) Got injured?
- yeah.. like 'always'

Closing Ceremony

1) How did high school changed you?
- maturity

2) Sing one verse of your school song.
- erk.. lupa..

3) What was your favourite question?
- "Cikgu,boleh ka rehat suda??" hahahaha..

4) Who/what will you remember from your high school?
- the perfect teachers and friends..

5) Any memories you will not forget.
- all about the school

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PC Fair 2009

Just received this information ....

3 - 5 April 2009 (11:00am - 9:00pm)

* Permata Car Park (Level 5), Kuching - Sarawak
* Dewan Masyarakat Sandakan, Sandakan - Sabah
* Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan - Jalan Tun Ismail, Sri Dagangan, Pahang
* Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh, Perak - Jalan Ghazali Jawi, Ipoh

10 - 12 April 2009 (11:00am - 9:00pm)

* KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Kuala Lumpur
* Persada Johor International Convention Centre, Johor Bahru - Jalan Abdullah
* Village Mall, Sungai Petani - Kedah
* Dewan Masyarakat Tawau, Tawau - Sabah

17 - 19 April 2009 (11:00am - 9:00pm)

* Miri Indoor Stadium, Miri - Sawarak
* Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre, Sibu - Sarawak
* Penang International Sports Arena, Penang - Jalan Tun Dr Awang, Relau
* Mahkota Parade Melaka, Melaka - Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir

24 - 26 April 2009 (11:00am - 9:00pm)

* Dewan Jubli Intan, Muar - Johor

P.S : Jom.. Jom.. Serbu PC Fair 2009!!!!

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lagi - lagi TAG...

1. If you could spend one ringgit, what would you spend on?
♥ at this moment, candies would be nice. hee..

2. What is your most favorite things to do?
♥ eat & sleep...

3. What kind of news do you read?
♥ entertainment

4. What would you give up in return to eat all you want in the world and not get fat?
♥ ermmm .... nvr think of that b4..

5. Is there someone in your heart right now?
♥ yeah...

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
♥ no la.. who does??

7. What make you turn twice to someone?
♥ attracting..

8. What do you feel like doing right now?
♥ sleep..

9. If there's someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
♥ yes.. maybe.. nope.. *blur*

10. List out three good points of the person who tagged you?
♥ comel
♥ nice
♥ kacak

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
♥ accepts and loves me for who i am.
♥ never leave me in whatever condition..

12. What the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
♥ lie to me..

13. Are you left-handed or right-handed?
♥ right-handed.

14. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
♥ burger.

15. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick?
♥ happy..

16. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
♥ lazy-NESS...

17. Who is the person that you can share all the problem with?
♥ my family

18. Cats or dogs?
♥ cats

19. What is the one thing you love about yourself?
♥ lucky to be born this way...

20. If you have a million ringgit, what would you do?
♥ ermmm.. so many things to do..

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TAG dari Pn. Dewi ....

The rules to comply with:-

1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday

2. The list should be 10 numbers

3. Post the image of this award in your posting

4. Give it to 10 friends of yours

Boleh jadi betul ka ni ah... hehehehehe

All i want on my birthday ;

1. Ipod Touch 2nd GEN 16GB.. [ belum dapat2 lagi ni ]
2. Good Job with GOOD SALARY ..
3. Happy family..
4. Vacation around the world.. Paris, Milan..
5. Meet Tyra Banks, the creator ANTM..
6. Have my own reality show .. [ possible ka ni ah... adui.. ]
7. Stay healthy
8. Drop 5kg on my weight.. [ still berusaha... ]
9. Make the biggest birthday-bash-party ...
10.Long life and prosperity..

----> Org2 yg mau di TAG ... ermm.. sapa2 jak la .. hehehehe

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Dua Pelajar Terkeluar

Huhuhu.. x sangka dua pelajar di singkirkan sekaligus, Obri & Rini.. didn't saw it coming...

[ Rini .. didn't impress judges enuff ]

Apa2 pun.. di harap Obri & Rini x berputus asa dan tetap meneruskan karier dlm bidang seni..

[ Obri.. persembahan yang tidak konsisten menghampakan pengkritik .. ]

Persembahan terbaik pada pendapat aku minggu ni adalah ;

--> Hafiz
--> Claudia
--> Akim
--> Zizi
--> Rubisa

P.S : all the best to another 11 contestants ...

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huhuhu.. ari ni mTest .. :Malaysian Teacher Selection Test:

bgn jam 7am trus g mandi pastu Idri amik aku kt rumah jam 7:20am... hehehee.. kelam-kabut aku.. sikit lupa bw necktie ...

so sblm ktaorg nak g skolah, ktaorg breakfast dulu.. masa breakfast tu byk la ilmu2 yg di kongsi dan bertukar2 cerita sblm exam..

ktaorg gerak g skolah dan smpi dlm pukul 7:45am.. smpi kt SMK KABOTA TAWAU, aiseh.. ramai la geng2 UMS ngn ex-kuharian dulu.. so,ala2 jejak kasih la ni.. bermacam2 cerita la di tukar, smbil bertanya kabar.. smpi lupa nak exam.. hahahahaha..

exam start pukul 9aM dan aku ngn kwn2 yg len di tempatkan di bilik F dan number giliran 171 .. ingat kan ikut opsyen.. huhuhuhu

[ org FIRST masuk klas.. ]

paper first dapat, Math @ Kuantitatif.. yes.. my fav paper.. setiap kertas diperuntukan hanya 30minit ..

seterusnya paper english , verbal , analitikal ngn paling last INSAK... overall, so far so good.. harap2 dapat lulus n move to the next level, interview!!!

habis jek exam pukul 11:50am.. so ktaorg pun got nothing to do.. so we're go to lunch at our fav place W&L.. hehehehe.. pas tu g putar2..ronda2 town..

[ aneng & idri ]

[ aku ... ]

[ release tension kali dorang ni.. hahaha ]

[ hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! ]

P.S : everything's gonna be alright!!

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Part 5 --> I Hate This Part Right Here ...

[ 27032009 - FRIDAY ]

ermm.. today i'm leaving KL to Tawau... waaaaa.. rasa mcm cepat jak masa berlalu .. mcm x puas lagi nak enjoy kat KL.. so bgn pagi solat subuh kemas2 brg semua then mandi ... yang lain semau nak gerak g PWTC, aku jek yg g KLIA ...

dalam pukul 10:30am pagi da gerak g KLIA, tp singgah sarapan dulu dan smpi kat KLIA jam 11.20am .. awal gak la aku smpi sbb penerbangan pukul 2:20pm.. apa2 pun aku trus tgk departure kiosk dan tgk kaunter check in tuk g Tawau...

[ Erk.. hehehe ]

aku pun trus la g kaunter check in.. tetapi.... abes aku bagi i.c tu dorang cek la nama aku dan TAK ADA!!! at that time i'm totally freaking out!!! alamak!!! mcmana ni, dah la ada exam tomorrow.. aku pun trus kol my dad and refer to Tawau airport.. last2.. rupanya dorang salah nama.. eheeee... nasib la..

dah tu aku g beli magazine jap dan trus masuk kat departure hall kat gate A7.. mak aih!! jauh nya.. nasib aku ada amik troli.. huhu... aku tgk jam baru pukul 12:00tghari.. aku pun trus buka laptop ngn online...

[ A7 ... ]

jam 1:20pm tu gate dah buka dan boleh masuk dan tepat kul 1:50pm dah masuk plane.. smpi kat Tawau tepat jam 5:05pm...

and now i'm studying for mtest exam.. but still tired and gosh!! i need sum rest...

P.S : see ya!!

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Part 4

[ 26032009 - THURSDAY ]

Bgn pagi...arghh.. sakit badan la.. ni mesti kes x cukup tidur.. awal gila aku bgn. dalam kul 6am.. tgk kt luar masi gelap lagi .. so ari ni alkisahnya aku nak g jalan2 kat kawasan BB..

Jam 11am tu aku,adikku ngn kazen aku turun dr apartment tp kazen aku nek komuter g mid, aku nek putra g stesen hang tuah n then switch tren g Imbi plak.. smpi kt Imbi tu aku trus g Times Square.. alamak.. xda org ar.. rupa2nya aku yg awal.. hahaaa.. smpi ja trus carik tmpt makan.. lapar la kekdahnya..

[ dalam Times Square ]

[ Masjid Jamek ]

Pas tu pikir2 nak g mana... tup!! tup!! balik tido lagi bagus... sbb mlm kang nak g kuar ngn member2 plak.. so balik la ktaorg hendaknya.. tp trpaksa g mid, amik kunci kat kazen aku. ku tabahkan jua diri untuk ke sana.. smpi jek kat stesen PWTC,hujan lebat giler2...

[ Hujan Lebat .... ]

Apa-apapun redah je.... smpi kat The Mall trus g carik payung.. pas tu trus gi vila putri.. smpi jek kt rumah dlm kul 1:30pm la camtu.. trus rebah kan diri kt katil n then terlelap. penat...!!!

Pukul 3pm terbangun plak.. sbb nak tgk Jelita episod akhir.. hehehehe... aku & adik aku gerak g KLCC pukul 5:30pm, sbb nak jumpa kt sana pukul 6:30pm... mak aih!!! ramai nya org queue beli tiket....huhuhu..

[ Berbaris sebelum menyerbu.. heehehe ]

Smpi kt stesen masjid jamek pun camtu gak.. ye la, time org balik kerja rupanya.. patut la ramai org... smpi berhimpit2 di buatnya kt dlm tren tu..

Turun jek kt stesen klcc trus jalan masuk dlm klcc, ek'eleh... dorg ni x dtg lagi rupanya... apa la... aku tgk jam pun bru kul 6:15pm.. so aku pun round2 kedai yg berdekatan... heheee.. dalam kol 6:40pm tu, semua dah dtg kecuali zaida.. so ktaorg pun lepak la dulu kat taman klcc tu... jam 7pm.. bru la zaida dtg n ktaorg gi makan kat Burger King.. member2 yg join..zul,duma n man.. hehehehe.. kt dlm burger king tu,haruslah suara ktaorg paling meriah.. ya la.. lama x jumpa katakan... hampir setahun rasanya..

[ Geng2 ]

[ Posing depan Kinokuniya,KLCC ]

Pas dr makan ktaorg gi Isetan.. sbb aku nak beli belt.. round2 klcc jap,trus g Kinokuniya.. nak jugak tgk2 buku2 terbaru kt situ.. ktaorg ada gak window shopping g Nike,Topman,G2000... dan last skali beli baju kat Romp.. jam 10pm plak.. ktaorg bergerak balik sbb takut tren xda.. hehee...

Masa tu, duma ikut tren lain.. aku & adik aku,zaida,zul dan man satu tren g masjid jamek.. dalam tren jugak la kitorg bergelak ketawa.. bising giler tren sbb suara ktaorg.. hahaaa..

Kt masjid jamek zaida ikut tren g sri petaling, aku ngn yg lain g pwtc.. masa smpi kt pwtc tu rmi lagi org rupanya apa lagi depan the mall.. padahal dah nak dekat pukul 11pm...

[ Penat + nk gelak.. hahahaha ]

[ Posing saja.. ]

[ Support!! ]

Smpi jak kt rumah.. mandi & online..

I'll be leaving KL tomorrow .. cedih nya.. but it always be a next time.. kpd kwn2 yg x sempat nak jumpa tu, next time la eh..

P.S : Hari yang memenatkan ... mTEST lagi sabtu ni .. will do my best..

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Kortnie eliminated last night!!

[ Kortnie ]

"Put Your Best Face Forward" was the theme this week..

[ her last photoshoot,6th ]

And the bottom two was Kortnie Coles & Sandra Nyanchoka..

Unfortunately, Kortnie hv been eliminated ...

So, 9 girls still in the running to be AMerica's Next Top Model cycle 12..

P.S : This was the 2nd time Sandra in the Botoom Two ...

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Part 3

[ 25032009 - WEDNESDAY ]

Camana nak start ya ... hehehehe.. byk tol benda yg berlaku hari ni ...

[ Morning view .. ]

Jam 10:30am aku,adikku, ngan kazen ku turun dari apartment trus g the mall sbb nak bagi kiriman brg dari tawau .. masa kol tu, dia cakap pukul 10:30am, last2 pukul 11am pulak.. n then dia dtg pun dalam 11:15am . penat tunggu u'ols!! kazen aku yang malas nak tunggu pun gerak dulu g midvalley (sbb my sis tgu kt midvalley sbb tertinggal sumthing)..

Dgn semangat yang gigih aku & adik aku yg x seberapa nak sure jalan2 kat KL tu trus la menuju ke Stesen Putra PWTC .. kat situ aku pon trus g analyze route2 yg bakal di lalui .. tujuan utama nak g midvalley, so s'tlah di analisis dgn tekunnya( hahahahaha.. ), kena turun kat Masjid Jamek --> KL sentral --> Midvalley ..taraa.. x sesat pun.. (poyo jer ..).

[ Penat sebenarnya tu.. ha3 ]

[ Naik KTM g Midvalley ]

Sampai kt Midvalley,dah jumpa ngn kazen,ktaorg pon pegi ar makan.. sbb smpi kat Midvalley tu dah nak dkt pukol 1pm.. lunch pon kat McD la.. sbb x larat nak g jauh2.. Pas makan tu, ronda2 kejap kat sana trus g KLCC .. kat KLCC ni ada la beli sehelai seluar 'slack' kat Zara .. pas tu g ronda2 kejap.. tak tahu apa nak beli.. window shopping ja la.. sementara nak tunggu pukul 6pm sbb nak jumpa kwn aku kt Maluri ...

[ Plaid ]

Ha.. ni la masalahnya nak g sana.. masa tu aku tersalah amik tren, instead go to Maluri, tersesat la g Salak Selatan.. wtf?? .. OMG!! masa ni aku panik giler.. nasib la aku & adikku, kalau sorang, alahai!!!! so dgn ramah mesranya aku menanya kat kaunter tu how to reach Maluri.. dia pun bagitau, naik tren Ampang, bknnya Sentul timur.. tu la aku, main naik jak... hahahaha

Smpi jek kat Maluri trus g Jusco sbb kwn aku kerja kt sana .. pas tu ktaorg g makan kat Danau Kota before heading back to KL.. sebelum tu shopping bantal2 kat Jusco.. hahahahahaha...

P.S : Thanks to Pa'e sbb sudi bw jalan2 kat Danau Kota,Wangsa Maju ngn Maluri ..he3..

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Part 2

[ 24032009 - TUESDAY ]

hari ni hari ke2 aku kt area KL ni.. bgn2 jek hujan lebat ...... la.. terbantut hasrat nak g jalan2 ... uhuhuhu ... last2 kazen aku nak jugak jalan .. so tempat paling best & syok dkt ngan Banting adalah Jusco Bukit Tinggi .. so ktaorg gerak dari rumah kt Banting gi Klang naik bas ... ambik masa lebih kurang 40min gak la sampai kt Klang ...

[ Jusco Bukit Tinggi ]

sampai jek kt Jusco dah pukul 2:25pm, so ktaorg pun apa lagi trus carik tempat makan.. tngok je mcD trus belasah je la... abis makan kt mcD trus pikir nak shopping..

[ McD ]

pertama tu tgk floor direction dulu, nak carik outlet Giordano .. smpi jek kat situ, alahai!!! ada SALE la..!!! trus tanpa ragu2 trus beli sehelai t-shirt.. wahahahahha..

[ Sempat posing kat change room.. hahahaha ]

ermm.. dari Giordano.. ktaorg gi pulak kat Popular bookstore.. katanya nak beli buku.. tp buku yg di cari x jumpa pulak.. kuikuikui.. xpa.. Kinokuniya kan ada.. hehehehehehe

[ Popular Bookstore ]

pas dari situ... ktaorg pun pusing2 kat jusco yg agak besar tu.. jam pun dah nak pukul 4pm.. so ktaorg decide nak balik sbb nanti nak g amik my mum kat klia.. sebelum balik tu ktaorg singgah kat satu bakery.. rotinya mmg sedap... huhuhu

[ Bakery ]

[ Model Jejantas.. ha3 ]

sebelum ktaorg balik umah, singgah dulu kat Tesco Sungai Emas .. kat sini brg mmg murah on retail price..


ktaorg pun trus la balik rumah pas dr Tesco dan siap2 kemas brg sbb mlm ni tido kat Putri Apartment kt KL .. tepat jam 7:30pm ktaorg suma gerak g KLIA amik my mum ngan sis sekali .. smpi jek kat sana trus sis aku tepon yg satu beg my mum hilang.. rupa2 nya lambat keluar .. saspen je...

gerak dr klia g putri apartment plak .. sekejap jek, sbb pacik bw teksi ni lau giler.. hahahaaha.. smpi jek, alahai.. jem giler.. ye la, persidangan umno kan,tambah lagi apartment ni dkt ngn pwtc.. eiks.. kt sini plak masalah muncul ... semua ni pun akibat mis-communication la katakan.. rupanya apartment ni ada dua blok dgn bilik yg sama.. malangnya my dad only mention the room number, pas tu tepon punya tepon x dapat.. last2 aku g try n error tekan loceng bilik org, naseb baik betul.. lagi lif kt apartment ni sengal giler.. pwehh... geram sgt...

[ view from 18th floor.. our unit ]

abes jek kemas brg, trus gi keluar makan kat Masjid India ... tmpt ktaorg makan tu plak view mmg cantik sbb dapat tgk klcc ngn kl tower...

apa2 pun hari ni mmg chaotic sgt .. tp pengalaman paling best la.. hahahahahaa.. walaupun penat...

P.S : penat..penat .. baru jek tadi turun tangga dari 18th floor.. hahaaha.. malas nak tunggu lif ...

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KL.. here i come... [ Part 1 ]

[ 23032009 - MONDAY ]

hiks.. hari ni g kl.. flight pukul 5:50pm from Tawau,tp ktaorg dah reach kt airport 2 hours before.. hahahahaha.. dah biasa kot ngn airasia dan terawal plak..

So abes check-in, aku ngn kazen aku g lepak2 kat restoran near departure hall.. sambil2 tu leh online gak ... tepat kul 4:20pm ktaorg gerak g masuk departure hall and masa check kastam tu berlaku la insiden berikut ;

Pegawai Keselamatan : Sila buka sweater dgn topi encik
Aku : ok.. ( sambil membuka sweater ngn topi )
Pegawai Keselamatan : Tiket encik..
Aku : ( memberi tiket.. sambil pegawai itu 'meraba' keseluruhan badan aku..geli uols.. )
Pegawai Keselamatan : Terima kasih encik..

Aku pun g la ambik brg2 yg tlah di scan, pas tu dgn 110% konfiden aku berjalan terus ala2 model catwalk.. tiba2!!!!

Foreigner : Excuse me!!!!!! ( berteriak x hengat.. satu airport boleh dgr.. telinga ku pun berdesing.. hahahahahaha)
Aku : Yes??
Foreigner : I assume this luggage is yours?? (sambil menghulurkn beg laptop aku.. )
Aku : YA ALLAH!!! iya..iya ni beg saya ... trima kasih .. (lupa u'ols dia tu x pandai cakap melayu.. malu nya aku.. )
Foreigner : Okay.. ( smbil senyum kat aku.. )
Aku : Thank you very much!!

Apa la aku ni,brg penting pun aku boleh lupa.. hahahaahaha... nasib la ada pelancong yang iras2 "TYRA BANKS" tu menolong.. huhuhu

Ok.. tu first incident.. insiden kedua plak masa dalam flight... *teett*...time ni mmg sengal + geram.. well secara kebetulan ktaorg satu flight dgn rombongn persindangan UMNO... u ols tau tak masa dalam fligt itu.. adalah sekumpulan macik & pacik yg ketawa terlalu over dan agak melampau.. sakit telinga aku.. selama penerbangan 3 jam tu ha!!! sengsara aku..

[ camni la kot dia gelak ]

[ tgh tgu beg ni.. huhuhu ]

Sampai jek kat KLIA.. satu problem lagik.. pacik yg supposed to pick us up, surprisingly didnt showed up.. mak aih!!! last2 call pacik tu, dia suh ktaorg g Putrajaya, so nnt dia amik ktaorg kt sana... so, our option was either KLIA Xpress or KLIA Transit.. selepas bertanya sakan kat workers kat situ,.. akhirnya ktaorg nek KLIA Transit jew..

[ err.. should we use klia xpress ?? hahahaha ]

[ klia transit .. yeah.. ]

Dlm klia transit tu smpt lagi aku melelapkan mata akibat kepenatan ala2 amazing race kt klia & sbb suasana dlm plane yg macam pasar ikan,x ble nak tido.. smpi kat PJ plak, nak kol pacik tu ambik ktaorg.. dan uols.. hp aku mati, so terpaksa pusing2 kat stesen PJ tu carik plag... nasib ada... huhuhu

Smpi jek pacik tu ambik ktaorg pakai TEKSI EXCLUSIVE lagik.. wah.. wah.. hahaaaa.. kmi trus g BANTING.. tido kt sana esok bru tido kat KL ..

P.S : penat gilak ari ni ....... ZZZzzzZZZzz...

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Sayang,Awak Boleh Menari...

Hari ni g tgk movie remaja ala2 "Step Up" gitu...Sayang,u can dance!!!!..

Ktaorg suma;aku,Niza ngn Salihan pilih petang g tgk wyg tu,pukol 3:15pm.. so ktaorg gerak awal gak la..pukul 2pm dari rumah..

So,smpi jak,trus bli tiket ngn lepak2 kat restoran terdekat..hiks...tepat jam 3:15pm ktaorg masuk,eventhough lewat beberapa minit..

Permulaan pertama filem tu agak menarik dgn penceritaan kisah lampau watak utama,Mia [ Sharifah Amani ] & Daniel [ Dafi ] kat Srwk.. Pas tu Mia & D pindah g KL, krn ikut ayahnya... di KL ni la Mia berjumpa dgn rakan2 menari D,iaitu Mimi,Angel,Robbie ngn Remmie.. Mia & Remmie dah ala2 jatuh cinta first time berjumpa,so ala2 love first sight la gituh...

Apa2 pun,filem ni romantik habes dgn watak Mia & Remmie... terharu sangat bila Remmie meninggal dunia gituh sbb sakit..

Masa ktaorg tgk filem ni,dua kali terputus,maybe sbb rol filem x seberapa bagus sangat.. dari filem yg abis 1jam30min,dah jadi 2jam15min...ala2 kesilapan teknikal la tuh..apa daa....

P.S : 3 out of 5 .....

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Selamat Tinggal Adila.....

Persembahan Adila dalam Konsert Kedua AF7 masih kurang bertenaga dengan mendendangkan medley lagu,Merawat Luka Terpendam + Asyik,menyebabkan beliau peserta pertama yang meninggalkan Akademi Fantasia 7..

Apa2 pun,persembahan dari HAFIZ+RUBISA+CLAUDIA mmg best sesangat!!! u rockz guys...

P.S : dah agak pun... huhuhuhuhuhu...

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GoodBye To Nijah!!!

Nijah been the 3rd models been eliminated in ANTM cycle 12

The 11 remaining models attend Miss J's Charm School to practice their runway walks. Cycle 9 contestants Bianca and Chantal were there to give advice to the girls. Back at the house, tension arose when Natalie claimed that Tahlia's picture last week was the worst in the entire group. Teyona received a new weave after Tyra admitted in the last panel that it wasn't what she wanted.

The girls were challenged to walk for Jill Stuart, wearing her Spring Collection and carrying large shopping bags. Natalie won the challenge and received a selection of items from the Jill Stuart collection.

The photo shoot involved posing in groups as different characters in famous Manhattan locations.

But the lacks of confidence in Nijah photo with Kortnie [ as a SOHO artist. picture 2nd from above ],the judges agree that she's not ready to be a high-fashion top model.. she was sent home...

10 contestant remains in the running to be America's Next Top Model...who have what it takes???

P.S : love Aminat & Fo group photo as 'Broker'....

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