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1. Win's ex boy/girl-friend(s):
* bacK to KL...*malas la nak ingat*

2. Win's listenin' to:
* Please Dont Leave Me - Pink

3. Maybe Win's Shud:
* loose sum weight.....i'm going to look good on my VACATION...muahahahahahahaha

4. Win's like to learn:
* Dance & Singing...*maybe i shuld enter AF..hahahahahaha*

5. Win's BestFriend:
* Sairul,EMA,Nas and MARIA...

6. Win dont understand:
* Why people like to discriminate another...

7. Win lost:
* ermmm.....my good old days at UMSKAL..huhuhu

8. Many people said Win chubby
* haahahahaha...soooooooooo RIGHT!!!

9. Win living in a place called:
* HOME!!!

10.The meaning of Win's real name:
* ermm.....

11.Love is:
* Subjective....

12.The meaning of 'Forever':
* Eternity???

13.Win will try:
* Exercise even MORE!!!!

14. Win's HP:
* NOKIA 6500-S

15.Win's very annoyed:
* When sum 1 talking to each others when i walking pass them..FYI..fook off!!!wuht eva!!(same as DANIELLE..get ure OWN life!!!)

16.Whenever Win's Wakeup from sleep:
* Thinking what i shuld do today

17.Party is:
* supposed to BE WILD!!!hahahahahaha

18.The cutest animal:
* PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!

19.Win's best age:
* 17!!!!!!!!

20.Win's felt tension today:
* Still cannot loose my weight..damn!!!

21.Tonite, Win will:
* dunno???

22.When Win look at himherself in the mirror this morning:
* ermm..OMG!!!i got ZIT........shit!!!

23.Shopping Mall:
* is FUN!!!!shopping till u DROP!!!

24.Fast food are usually:
* contains a LOT of FATS!!!!!!!!

25.Now... i'm going to tag

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