ANTM : Episoed 7 , 8 & 9

Epi. 7 - Petite Ninja Warriors

The photo shoot have the girls pose as martial artists with the weapon of their choice. Most of the girls struggle with the harness they have to wear.

At panel, Nicole, Laura, Brittany, Erin and Jennifer are praised, while Sundai is once again castigated for over-accessorizing her outfit and lacking versatility. However, the panel is worried about Brittany's and Rae's lack of presence in person and Erin's slight attitude. Ultimately Kara is eliminated within her second consecutive appearance in the bottom two for appearing to give up, while Sundai is spared and told to pull it together.

[ Gambar pun x cantik sgt.. attitude jew lebey~~ ]

Epi. 8 - COVERGIRL commercial

The girls write their own scripts and Erin finishes quickly, while Laura and Nicole have a hard time and spend hours practicing. Again Jennifer shines, but Erin has to continually fight back tears, while Laura pushes through despite struggling with her learning difficulty.

At panel, Jennifer and Nicole are praised, while Brittany delivers all of her lines flawlessly but fails to show her personality. Sundai and Laura are told they have written good scripts but castigated for their poor delivery. Ultimately Rae and Erin land in the bottom two; Erin for her incessant crying on-set, and Rae for fading into the background amongst the other girls. Erin is told she has more potential, and with that Rae is eliminated.

[ Rae's Commercial ]

Epi. 9 - Let's Go Surfing

The girls are photographed by Tyra while portraying women of mixed heritage, like Hawaiian hapas.

Most of the girls struggle with the shoot, especially Laura, who is worried about her sunburns and tells Tyra to be brutally honest when she realizes that she not working well, and Erin. At panel, all the girls but Nicole get mixed reviews, with Sundai being told she pohotographs short, Erin that she posed in a commercial way, and Brittany that she didn't step outside of the box. Despite Erin's second bottom two appearance in a row and tendency to self sabotage, it is Brittany who is sent home for being too analytical.

[ Est Indian + Native American ]

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