The America's Next Top Model is..............

The final three shoot their CoverGirl commercials. Aminat is criticized for her lack of facial expression on film but her overall commercial is deemed the best by panel. Allison forgets her lines but manages to deliver convincing commercial, while Teyona's nerves take their toll on her as she fumbles through her lines. Afterward, the girls shoot their CoverGirl print ad.

Allison is called first for the fourth time due to her stunning picture, yet average but believable commercial. Aminat's inability to translate her beauty into photographs does not sit well with the judges, despite her great commerical. Teyona's photo grants her universal praise once again because she manages to appear sultry and maintain commerciality, but she is lambasted for her uninspiring performance in her CoverGirl commercial. With Aminat's fourth bottom two appearance and Teyona's first, the judges decide Aminat's overall portfolio is not strong enough to save her and she is sent home.


The final two shoot their Seventeen magazine cover tries where they both excel and impress Ann Shoket. Later, for their final performance, Allison and Teyona compete in Rosa Chá swimsuit fashion show where they have to strut a sultry walk, dance in samba movement and crawl provocatively at the end of the show.


At panel, Allison is commended for her significant improvements throughout the competition as well as for her strong walk, which has additionally improved immensely from being the worst out of the bunch. Teyona's walk is criticized for looking somewhat robotic, though she is still praised for her previous amazing performances on photos. The judges feel that both finalists have their own strengths; Teyona is lauded for her versatile portfolio that translates into booking ability, and genuine personality while Allison's high fashion, unique and editorial look could book her international fashion shows. Although having a warm personality, a great future and one of the biggest improvements on ANTM history, Allison is sent home, leaving Teyona as America's Next Top Model.


P.S : The ANTM cycle 12 is OVER, when will the ANTM Cycle 13 start??hahahaha


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2 Response to "The America's Next Top Model is.............."

  1. rizz says:
    May 16, 2009 at 11:36 AM

    teyona tuh bwajah exotic gak kan hehehhe

  2. we~win says:
    May 16, 2009 at 3:11 PM

    rizz : ha'ah.. lagi satu bentuk muka dan kepala nya yg rare... jrg jumpa model berwajah sebegitu.. huhu

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